Shopping online is becoming more and more like shopping in person. In fact, some retailers say that it is faster and more efficient to do it online than to go to their brick-and-mortar locations. That’s because a retailer is rarely able to match what it sells at its local store at cheaper prices. So if you want to buy an iPad or some other electronic gadget, then why don’t you pick it up from a site like or Flipkart? Even if you haven’t heard of Amazon and Flipkart before, then chances are that you’ll find your gadget there, I recommend you check this site and try this out to learn more about ecommerce.

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But as Amazon and Flipkart have risen to such prominence in online shopping, other e-commerce platforms are also booming, just look at how many people visit websites like Raise everyday just to find the best deals.

Despite that, there are still some cons that make shopping online less convenient and efficient than visiting a retail store. They include:

There are long queues when ordering online. With the way things are going online, it’s very possible that you could be waiting in lines for hours at a time to place your order. Many e-commerce sites let you purchase anything from goods and gadgets to clothing and toys through their app or website.

Most importantly, no one wants to be seen queuing up for things. Why waste a minute of one’s precious time when all you need to do is take the product that you want and leave the rest to somebody else? So, chances are that you might just try to secure your place in line for the product you want while the online retailers are crowded. This can create inconveniences and inconveniences have a tendency to keep you and other shoppers from completing the transaction at all.

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, it may also get a bit lonely when you are buying online. Unless you are lucky enough to have a handful of friends with whom you can purchase items, then you may have a harder time choosing from the many electronic gadgets, books and films that are available on the e-commerce platforms.

Moreover, while shopping online, the credit card information of the seller is collected and stored by the e-commerce platforms. And since these platforms store information of the buyers, all the transaction details of the buyers are available on the platforms. So unless you have the personal data of the seller, chances are that this information can be used against you and steal your credit card number and PIN.

Moreover, there are a variety of fraudulent security issues associated with online shopping that customers need to be aware of. One such issue is that most e-commerce platforms can be accessed remotely by hackers and online thieves. For instance, you might open an e-mail from your bank and see your e-mail address printed on the message. Then you may be tempted to login to your bank account to get your details. In case you open the wrong website, then it’s all over. So, as a matter of security, check your bank account and website on a regular basis to be sure that they are secure.