Not only does ADR offer effective collection services for totally delinquent debts but we offer additional account management activities centred on bringing your slow payers back into line with your normal trading terms. We accomplish this by identifying the issues preventing compliance and working through solutions to obtain payment. This means, we help resolve disputes quickly and favourably and deliver much needed cash-flow for your business.

Recovery of delinquent accounts

Where you have been unable to make a recovery through your usual internal processes or where you simply need the support required in litigation, we can assist. Wether you have 1 or 1000 delinquent accounts each month we can provide the support you need.

An overview of the benefits ADR can offer your company:

Savings on collection costs through recovery of outstanding accounts without the need for expensive and time-consuming litigation. On average we resort to litigation on fewer than 5% of matters referred to us.

Security through service and support by the company’s principals not junior account managers, providing you with comfort in knowing your matters are in experienced hands.

Value for money. 95% of ADR’s revenue comes from commission on recovered accounts as opposed to fees generated through solicitors’ costs and court process.

Results however are the most important factor in any business relationship. Demonstrated by all the above points clearly this is our objective. To deliver to our clients’ results that exceed the ability of our competitors. We stand on this principal and offer testimonials from our existing clients on request.

Pricing Our pricing policy is based on collection of your money. We only charge commission where we make a recovery. When court action becomes necessary or is instructed by our client we offer the services of our solicitors at Court Scale Rates. This means that your debtor may become liable to pay the majority of these costs as dictated by the courts.  We never provide blanket quotations to clients but rather consult with them as to the nature of their business, age, value and specifics of their ledgers so that mutually beneficial fee structures can be tailored. This in depth consideration of each individual clients needs provides valuable insight and knowledge into your business, enabling us to better understand your customers and what will motivate them to pay you as opposed to paying someone else.


Tailoring collection procedures to individual clients is paramount. Different industries necessitate specific solutions in the customer / client relationship. We take an approach of resolve through mediation unless specifically directed by you, our client.

Front-end collections are often difficult for small businesses to maintain, generally because their limited number of personnel are doing what they do best ie; selling, servicing, etc…

With our front end receivables division “Credit Services Australia” we can provide affordable almost in-house assistance for your overdue but not yet “bad” debtors.

Included in our range of services are the following

• Front end receivables assistance

• Call centre assistance for follow-ups

• Dunning letters

• Telephone demands

• Skip tracing

• Legal action

• Searches (Companies, Businesses, Property, etc…)